Course Curriculum

  • 01


    • Introduction

    • Prayer

  • 02

    Micro Yoga

    • Head Rotation

    • Budhi Shakthi Vikasaka

    • Medha Shakthi Vikasaka

    • Smarana Shakthi Vikasaka

    • Shoulder Rotation

    • Arm Rotation

    • Hip Rotation

    • Knee and Ankle Rotation

  • 03

    Standing Asanas

    • Tadasana

    • Ardha Chakrasana

    • Padahastasana Asana

  • 04

    Sitting Asanas

    • Paschimottanasana

    • Janusirishasana

    • Vakra Asana

    • Butterfly Asana

  • 05

    Sleeping Asanas

    • Pawana Muktha Asana

    • Brahmari Pranayama

  • 06

    Closing Prayer

    • Closing Prayer

My Name Is Yogesh


With a passion towards fitness, I made my career to be in that path. It all started with my physical fitness through Kabaddi state championship followed by last 6 years to training the students of Government schools, NGOs and 800+ students for yoga and athletics* (running) and 400+ students given training. To drive into another dimension of fitness, I started imbibing and implementing Yoga with help of Hanuman Vyayamshala (a reputated center for fitenss in Hyderabad) going through a 460 hours of intensive training and also carrying 12 months of teaching and certified yoga trainer experience; group training, personal classes,back pain, weight loss, kids yoga, meditation,as expertise.